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Fore Her offers many areas of support for women battling breast cancer. From financial support to support groups, Fore Her can help you navigate this difficult journey



Are you a breast cancer patient currently undergoing active treatment and need temporary financial assistance with utilities, mortgage/rent, auto payments/repairs?  We are here to help.  We understand the toll the battle with breast cancer can take on a family both emotionally as well as financially.   



  • Fore Her defines active treatment as the period after a positive diagnosis of breast cancer has been made (with a diagnostic biopsy), and during which therapies are being administered, including surgical procedures to remove the cancer (e.g. single or bi-lateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, axillary dissection, or sentinel node biopsy), chemotherapy or radiation.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Fore Her does not consider the following as active treatment: reconstruction surgeries or long-term hormonal therapies (including Tamoxifen, Fareston, Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara, Zoladex/Lupron, Megace, and Halotestin or other long term hormonal therapies not listed)

  • Fore Her is not an emergency relief fund and cannot provide immediate financial assistance.  

  • Fill out the form below, and attach recent legible copies of the statements for the bills you would like considered.  You can use the online form or the printable version; both versions require copies of bills to be considered.

  • Funds requested are paid directly to the creditor.  No funds will be paid to applicant​.

  • Fore Her requires copies of the most recent, legible copies of all statements/bills requesting to be paid.  **Including landlord contact information/copy of lease or most recent mortgage statement.

  • If your application is approved then payments made to creditors are a one time payment only. No additional payments will be made.

  • Fore Her will not be held responsible for future payments on any accounts.

  • Funds from Fore Her are meant to help bring temporary financial relief.

  • Applicant must live in one of the following counties located in Northwest Florida:  Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Escambia, Washington, Holmes

  • Thank for for your patience as we review each request

Fore Her will not be able to help if recent, legible copies of statements aren't provided.

To submit the printable version:

- click the button above

- print the document 

- fill out the forms

- scan them

- attach files in an email to

  • Below is a form you can fill out and submit without printing. 

  • At the end of the application please upload legible copies of the most recent statements of bills for review. 

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Join Fore Her for a monthly peer support group for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Every third Saturday of the month at the Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach, FL at 9 AM 


Contact to join virtually.

Fore Her Breast Cancer Support Group is accomplishing the goals of founder Amy Walsh. The group was created to provide an environment for women to discuss their experiences, their fears, their concerns, and their needs while Fore Her offers resources. The group is open to anyone affected by breast cancer.  Amy Walsh, founder of Fore Her, initially stated, “We would like to bring breast cancer patients and survivors together to talk about what everyone is going through, give advice, just listen and learn about more resources in the area that offer help and hope.”  The group continues to meet on the third Saturday of each month at the Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach at 9:00am. Resource pamphlets and books, both autobiographical and inspirational self-help, are offered free of charge. Breast cancer patients share their stories of diagnosis with an empathetic audience.  Treatments are discussed from surgery to radiation to chemotherapy to long-term medications. There are hugs and there are tears as supporting friendships are made.

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