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Fort Walton Beach Breast Cancer Awareness

Fort Walton Beach Breast Cancer Awareness

Foreher, a Fort Walton Beach Breast Cancer Awareness non-profit organization serving Fort Walton beach, was created to provide an environment for women to discuss their experiences, their fears, their concerns, and their needs while Fore Her offers resources. 

Cancer of the breast occurs when cells in the breast grow and divide uncontrollably. Most breast cancers progress slowly. Before a lump can be felt, it may have been growing for as long as ten years. There are tumors that spread rapidly and aggressively. Milk ducts are the most common site of breast cancer initiation, followed by lobules at 10% and other breast tissues at a far lower frequency.
Breast cancer is quite common affecting one in eight women. The American Cancer Society reports that breast cancer accounts for nearly one-third of all female cancer diagnoses in the United States. Because of this, many groups have emerged to promote breast cancer education, advocacy, and research.


Fort Walton Beach Breast Cancer Patients

Fore Her is here to offer support, encouragement, compassion, and education to anyone struggling with breast cancer. Our Fort Walton Beach breast cancer awareness non-profit's goal is to end breast cancer forever through advocacy, science, and education. No one undergoing breast cancer treatment should ever have to decide between basic needs and keeping them alive. Due to the high costs of treatment and income loss, they are unfortunately put in a tough position. The consequences in terms of both money and health care are severe. 
We're a charitable organization here to help anyone in the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area who's ever been told by a doctor in a white coat, "You may have breast cancer." Our focus is on the patient, not merely on treating the disease.
Our Fort Walton Beach breast cancer awareness organization is funded by donations from generous people and by the proceeds of fundraising events. Donating to this cause will help a breast cancer patient in need get the treatment and care they need. We welcome everyone who has been affected by breast cancer.
Donations from the general public, as well as proceeds from events and merchandise sales, sustain our nonprofit. A breast cancer patient in need will benefit much from the financial aid you provide. Anyone impacted by breast cancer is welcome to join our group. 


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