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Destin Breast Cancer Awareness

Fore Her, a Destin Breast Cancer Awareness non-profit organization serving Destin, was created to provide an environment for women to discuss their experiences, their fears, their concerns, and their needs while Fore Her offers resources needed to comfort throughout this journey.

Breast cells divide and develop out of control, which leads to breast cancer. Breast tumors often grow slowly. A lump may have been developing for up to 10 years before it is big enough to feel. Some cancers spread quickly and with aggression. Around 80% of breast cancers start in the milk ducts, 10% in the lobules, and a few in other breast tissues.
One of the most prevalent cancers, breast cancer affects a lot women. Nearly one in three cancer diagnoses in women in the US is breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. As a result, numerous organizations that support advocacy, research, and awareness of breast cancer have grown over time.

Destin Breast Cancer Patients

Fore Her is here to provide assistance, inspiration, understanding, and knowledge to everyone afflicted by breast cancer. Our Destin breast cancer awareness nonprofit organization's mission is to provide an environment for women to discuss their experiences, fears, concerns and their needs while Fore Her offers resources. Nobody receiving treatment for breast cancer should ever have to choose between paying for their household expenses and their medical care. Sadly, they are forced to make difficult choices because to the high expenditures of therapy and income loss. Both the financial and medical aspects can be devastating.
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that assists the Destin area by providing information, comfort and financial support to anybody who has heard a person in a white coat say, "You have breast cancer." We pay attention to the individual, not just the illness.
Individual contributions to our Destin breast cancer awareness and fundraising efforts fund support our foundation. Your gift will provide a breast cancer patient in need with the financial support they need to live a better life. Everybody impacted by breast cancer is welcome at our group.

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